99 Georgian Songs Teaching CD


The CD complements the publication ‘99 Georgian Songs‘, a collection of traditional folk, church and urban songs from Georgia edited by Joan Mills. The book has recently been revised and updated and now contains 111 songs, including transcripts of all the songs that appear on the teaching CD.



A teaching CD containing harmony parts and example verses of ten Georgian songs, performed by informal singing group Bright Field, of which Joan Mills, CPR Voice Director, is a member.

The songs included are:

Mravaljamier, Didavoi nana, Mirangula, Gogo, Naninei, Varado, Imeruli Mkhedruli, Lile, Aslanuri Mravaljamier and Shou Nana.

Each harmony is sung individually after a full version is heard. The parts are recorded on 40 separate tracks so you can go straight to the song and part you wish to study.

It is suitable for beginners who do not read music and those who have some experience of learning Georgian songs and want to practise outside choir rehearsals or learn a different part.

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