3 films on Kantor


By Andrzej Sapija



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The DVD contains the following three films:

– “Manekiny Tadeusza Kantora” (Where are those past snows): film impression on Kantor’s paintings, plastic objects and theatre, created by A. Sapija in 1983. 33 min.

– “Gdzie sa niegdysiejsze sniegi” (Only what one can see exists): created in 1984 by A.Sapija, recording Kantor’s cricotage in Stodola Students Club in Warsaw and short spectacle by Theatre Cricot 2 which was first performed in Rome in 1979. 25 min.

– “Istnieje tylko to, co sie widzi”: created in 1992 by A. Sapija. This film tells the story of Kantor’s life, including artist’s drawings and fragments from his private diary. 21 min.
The DVD includes the English versions of the films as well as additional materials.

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