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Issue editors: Eirini Kartsaki and Theron Schmidt

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‘The love of repetition is in truth the only happy love,’ wrote Søren Kierkegaard in 1843 in the guise of Constantin Constantius, describing his attempt to relive a love affair that was always-already lost. But to love repetition is to love impossibility and paradox, and a number of these contrary impulses are foregrounded in On Repetition: between originality and repeatability, between boredom and excitement, and between the now of performance and the longed-for not yet or never again.  Explored in relation to ritual, protest, gender, and trauma, as well as dance, theatre, and performance, this issue combines perspectives from artists and scholars; and, as to attend to repetition is to attend to the form of writing itself, it encourages textual interventions that blur the lines between the two.

Editorial : On Repetition
Eirini Kartsaki , Theron Schmidt

Some people will do anything to keep themselves from being moved
Theron Schmidt

Repetition Compulsion: How I learned to love doing it again
Rachel Gomme

To be Re-Bitten and to Re-Become : Examining repeated embodied acts in ritual performance
Jerri Daboo

Silence and Alterity in a Recitation of the Qur’an
Christopher Braddock

A Professional Body : Remembering, repeating and working out masculinities in fin-de-siècle physical culture
Broderick D. V. Chow

Queer Tools : An Intervention
Stacy Holman Jones, Anne Harris

Repeating Repetition : Trauma and performance
Suzanne Little

Restaging the anxiety of the image
Adrian Kear

Staging an Exilic Autobiography : On the pleasures and frustrations of repetitions and returns
Natasha Davis, Yana Meerzon

24 Frames in Commemoration of You : The matter and material I always return to in my studio
Sheila Ghelani

Always in Translation : A walking dialogue
Mary Paterson, Rajni Shah

Body Not Fit For Purpose
Jonathan Burrows

Live Forever / In fragments, to begin …
Tim Etchells

Repetition Is Repetition Is Until It Isn’t: DO THE FLIP
Andrew Poppy

Repeating Rosas danst Rosas : On the transmission of dance knowledge
Laura Karreman

Fictional Realness : Towards a colloquial performance practice
Owen G. Parry

Re-Turning to The Show : Repetition and the construction of spaces of decision, affect and creative possibility
Katerina Paramana

Circular Paths of Pleasure in Marco Berrettini’s iFeel2
Eirini Kartsaki

Palinode of Glass
Matthew Goulish

Joy in Repetition : Critical genealogies of musical minimalism
Nicholas Till

On Repetition in Ragnar Kjartansson and The National’s A Lot of Sorrow
Patrick Nickleson






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