19.3 On Time



Issue Editors: Branislav Jakovljevic & Lindsey Mantoan

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Performance can’t escape time-keeping, whether it is a split-second performance, or a durational piece that takes days, weeks, months or even years to complete. At the same time, performance defies limitations by evading the present, documenting the past while leaping into the future, and devising strategies of multiple time tracks. It is both firmly rooted in a conventional idea of the passage of moments from past, to present, to future, and in experience that originates from an anticipated future and slips directly into the time of memory. On Time engages with multiple understandings of the time in performance. From the argument that audiences and performers experience time differently in a given event, to questions about re-presenting and adapting previous performances, this issue offers broad conceptual investigations and artistic approaches to temporality. The essays and artists pages assembled for this issue are re-articulations of work presented at PSi 19: Performance and Temporality (June 25-30, 2013).

Now Then – Performance and Temporality : Not once, not twice …
Branislav Jakovljević
pp. 1 – 8

Record of the Time : A Spatula&Barcode project
Michael Peterson, Laurie Beth Clark
pp. 10 – 13

Blog response – The Symphonic Body by Ann Carlson
Rebecca Chaleff
pp. 14 – 14

Performing the Ethico-aesthetic Paradigm
Eric Alliez, Brian Massumi
pp. 15 – 26

Performing Landscape for Years
Annette Arlander
pp. 27 – 31

Keeping Time
Alice Rayner
pp. 32 – 36

Spiral Time : Re-imaging Pacific history in Michel Tuffery’s First Contact multimedia projection artwork
Diana Looser
pp. 37 – 42

No Reason to Jump, No Reason Not to Jump : Song Dong and the proc ess called ‘time’
Natasha Lushetich
pp. 43 – 47

‘When This You See’ : The (anti) radical time of mobile self-surveillance
Sarah Bay-Cheng
pp. 48 – 55

Chronopolitics with Dogs and Trees in Stanford
Tuija Kokkonen, Alan Read
pp. 56 – 57

Blog response– Tiresias by Heather Cassils
Megan Hoetger
pp. 58 – 59

Blog response – Incorruptible Flesh: Messianic Remains by Ron Athey
Megan Hoetger
pp. 60 – 61

Open Channels : Some Thoughts on Blackness, the Body, and Sound(ing) Women in the (Summer) Time of Trayvon
Daphne A. Brooks
pp. 62 – 68

Estragement : Towards an ‘age theory’ theatre criticism
Elinor Fuchs
pp. 69 – 77

Dyssynchrony : Time, spaces and ‘manners’ of performance practice in Bogotá, Colombia
Juliana Escobar Cuéllar, David Ayala Alfonso
pp. 78 – 82

Crabface, Wounded Woman and Buttman : Refiguring moving, infecting temporalities
Annalaura Alifuoco
pp. 83 – 87

Don’t Blink : Performing experimental time in the brain laborat ory
Sarah Klein
pp. 88 – 92

Art History’s Dilemma : Theories for time in contemporary performance/media exhibitions
Catherine M. Soussloff
pp. 93 – 100

Autosuggestion : Between performance and design
pp. 101 – 110

Blog response – Art/Life Counseling with Linda Mary Montano
Mel Day
pp. 111 – 111

Blog response – Distronautics: How to do Things with Worlds by Jon McKenzie & Ralo Mayer
Kellen Hoxworth
pp. 112 – 113

On the Difference between Time and History
Peggy Phelan
pp. 114 – 119

Performing the Sacred in Byzantium : Image, breath and sound
Bissera V. Pentcheva
pp. 120 – 128

Slow Work : Dance’s temporal effort in the visual sphere
Biba Bell
pp. 129 – 134

‘We’re Standing in/the Nick of Time’ : The temporality of translation in Anne Carson’s Antigonick
Ben Hjorth
pp. 135 – 139

The Voice of Death, Rupturing the Habitus
Amelia Jones, Marin Blažević
pp. 140 – 143

Microtimes : Towards a politics o f indeterminacy
Jaime del Val
pp. 144 – 149

Blog response – ‘What a Body Can do’: A praxis session by Ben Spatz, Zihan Loo, Christine Germain, Donia Mounsef, Ira Murfin, Justin Zullo & Krista DeNio
Jasmine Mahmoud
pp. 150 – 151

Blog response – Out of Water by Helen Paris & Caroline Wright
Rebecca Chaleff
pp. 152 – 153

Blog response – ‘Too Many Conference Papers Make the Baby Go Blind: When is Neo-Futurism?’ by Jon Foley Sherman, Lindsay Brandon Hunter & Chloe Johnston
Katherine Zien
pp. 154 – 154

Blog response – ‘Performance Gallery’ by L. M. Bogad, Jenni Kokkomäki, Linda Mary Montano, Agatha (Balek) Morrell, Miranda Olzman & Ryan Tacata
Megan Hoetger
pp. 155 – 156

Taste Economies : Alison Knowles, Gordon Matta-Clark and the intersection of food, time and performance
Nicole L. Woods
pp. 157 – 161

Timeless Cruelty : Performing the Stanford Prison Experiment
Stephen Bottoms
pp. 162 – 175

Market Fitness Lecture 7 : Commodities futures
Christian Nagler
pp. 176 – 178

Lindsey Mantoan
pp. 179 – 180

Triangulating Iveković (review)
Mechtild Widrich
pp. 181 – 183

Performing the New Europe (review)
Steve Wilmer
pp. 184 – 185

Performance, Space, Utopia (review)
Yana Meerzon
pp. 186 – 187

Notes on Contributors
pp. 188 – 190

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