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Issue editors: Ed Scheer

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In performance, duration can mean a specific quantity of time as in a musical rhythm or even a quality of time, like Bergson’s ‘real duration’, characterised as the absolute time of the lived body, multiple and heterogeneous. This issue explores the aesthetics of duration in performances which foreground the passage of time in the work and the experience of time for the spectator. ‘On Duration’ develops ways of re-thinking the perceived space/time templates of performance, its modes of presencing, and to suggest different models for its interpretation.


Introduction: the End of Spatiality or the Meaning of Duration
Edward Scheer
pp. 1 – 3
Sleeping Drivers [Artist’s Pages]
Nick Kline
pp. 4 – 4
Forever Ephemeral: John Cage’s ASLSP
Jeffery Byrd, John Fritch
pp. 5 – 8
Blurred Architecture: Duration and Performance in the Work of Diller Scofidio + Renfro
Rachel Hann
pp. 9 – 18
The Lovers’: on the Great Wall and Beyond
Chloe Johnston
pp. 19 – 23
Remembering, Repeating and Working Through in ‘Anniversary – an Act of Memory’ by Monica Ross and Co-Recitors (2008‚Äì)
Alexandra M Kokoli
pp. 24 – 30
Strange Attractors: Barbara Campbell’s 1001 Nights Cast
Branislava Kuburović
pp. 31 – 33
Einstein on the Beach: a Study in Temporality
Susan Broadhurst
pp. 34 – 40
Archaeological Explorations of Duration in the Contemporary City
James Dixon
pp. 41 – 46
Signs of the Times: Structures and Signatures
Tony Gardner
pp. 47 – 53
Line Dialogues: Marking Time and Process [Artists’ Pages]
Jane Grisewood, Carali McCall
pp. 54 – 55
Open Your Eyes/Shut Your Eyes: Staging Kandinsky’s the Yellow Sound at Tate Modern
Geraint D’Arcy, Richard J. Hand
pp. 56 – 60
Media Dramaturgies of the Mind: Ivana M√ºller’s Cinematic Choreographies
Maaike Bleeker
pp. 61 – 70
This Progressive Production: Agency, Durability and Keeping It Contemporary
Mary Richards
pp. 71 – 77
The Conversion of Essence Into Series: a Dance of Repetition from Vermeer to Leibniz [Artists’ Pages]
Paul Jeff, Laura Jenkins
pp. 78 – 81
The Speed of Broken Light: a Meditation on Duration and Performance
Ted Hiebert
pp. 82 – 91
On Consuming Encounters: Short Duration and the Material Conditions of Performance
Saini Manninen
pp. 92 – 97
On Duration and Multiplicity
Lara Shalson
pp. 98 – 106
Life [in Progress]
Janez Janša
pp. 107 – 109
When Is a Performance?: Temporality in the Social Turn
James Andrew Wilson
pp. 110 – 118
‘Perform-Box’: Towards an Architecture-Of-Time
V. Şafak Uysal, Levent Arıgağ
pp. 119 – 129
Meal Time As Medium: Duration and the Work of Ao&
Wood Roberdeau
pp. 130 – 134
‘Notes on a Return’ to a Not-Forgotten: Durations of the Missed and the Previously Unvisited
Georgina Guy
pp. 135 – 139
Running Time [Artists’ Pages]
Chris Speed, Angelina Karpovich
pp. 140 – 141
Review: Olympian Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream or nightmare?
Christie Carson
pp. 142 – 144
Review: Matter and Memory and Performance: Towards an encounter with relationality
Patrick Robinson
pp. 145 – 147
Notes on Contributors
pp. 148 – 150

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