14.3 On Dramaturgy



Issue editors: Karoline Gritzner, Patrick Primavesi & Heike Roms

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Within a rapidly changing landscape of contemporary theatre and performance, the roles, functions and working conditions for dramaturgs are being redefined. This issue interrogates contemporary dramaturgy as an expanding field of tasks and skills, problems and strategies. It explores a wide range of dramaturgical practices in contemporary European theatre, dance, performance, and media art, and also draws attention to the pedagogical and institutional aspects of dramaturgy. In addition, On Dramaturgy addresses the shared and collective nature of dramaturgical practice and proposes dramaturgy as a critical reflection on the politics of space and representation. The issue also considers the relationship between dramaturgical practice and the audience, exploring the emergence of new dramaturgies of/for the spectator.


Editorial: On Dramaturgy
Karoline Gritzner, Patrick Primavesi, Heike Roms
pp. 1 – 3
Dramaturgy on Shifting Grounds
Hans-Thies Lehmann, Patrick Primavesi
pp. 3 – 6
European Dramaturgy in the 21st Century: A constant movement
Marianne Van Kerkhoven
pp. 7 – 11
pp. 12
‘Stop Looking at Your Feet’: bluemouth’s Dance Marathon and inter/actual dramaturgy
Bruce Barton
pp. 13 – 25
pp. 26 – 27
On the Dramaturgical Field in Port B’s Tokyo ‘Tour Performances’: Four micro-essays
Peter Eckersall, Fujii Shintaro, Takayama Akira
pp. 28 – 43
pp. 44
The Need to Keep Moving: Remarks on the place of a dramaturg in twenty-first century England
Duka Radosavljevic
pp. 45 – 51
pp. 52 – 53
On the Dramaturgical Aspects of Bill Viola’s Multi-media Installations
Valentina Valentini
pp. 54 – 64
pp. 65 – 66
An Easter Letter to an old Dramaturg Friend
Dragan Klaic
pp. 67 – 69
pp. 70
Doing Time
Tim Etchells
pp. 71 – 80
The Economy of Proximity: Dramaturgical work in contemporary dance
Bojana Kunst
pp. 81 – 88
pp. 89
Burning the Box Office: Locating the relics of theatricality in a dramaturgy of the everyday
Phil Smith
pp. 90 – 100
pp. 101
Towards a Dramaturgy of Appearance: An aesthetic and political understanding of the theatrical event as session
Christian Biet
pp. 102 – 109
pp. 110 – 111
Aspects of a New Dramaturgy of the Spectator: Rimini Protokoll’s ‘Breaking News’
Katia Arfara
pp. 112 – 118
pp. 119 – 120
A Dramaturgy of the Body
Christel Stalpaert
pp. 121 – 125
Performance Review: Open Dramaturgies
Martina Lenhardt
pp. 126 – 128
Book Reviews: Dramaturgy
Esther Pilkington, Daniel Ladnar
pp. 129 – 130
Notes on Contributors
pp. 132 – 134

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