Estudios sobre La Grilla Acustica – Libro II


Oscar Edelstein / ENS – Ensamble Nacional del Sur

Composition, Piano & Conducting: Oscar Edelstein
Piano & Keyboards: Axel Lastra
Electric Guitar: Leonardo Salzano
Percussion: Pablo Torterolo
Keyboards & Processing: Mauro Zannoli

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Oscar Edelstein is considered by many as one of the most important & original composers in Argentina. His work is viewed as profuse & crucial in the map of Latin American contemporary music, new opera and performance. Always pushing the musical lines between the classical, the contemporary & the popular, his career is distinguished by a defiant spirit of independence & a desire to constantly break new ground, whilst his music has been described as the first time that Latin America has led the avant-garde. Having been awarded important prizes throughout his career, in 2011 he was honored with a prestigious award from the National Arts Foundation of Argentina for his out-standing artistic achievement.

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Edelstein founded the ENS in 1997 – the format may look like the instruments associated with the world of rock or jazz but the result is completely different. Comparisons have made from Edgar Varese to Astor Piazzolla, or from Frank Zappa to John Cage, but really what speaks about the music of the ENS is the driving rhythms & the relentless quest for originality.

CD 1: Estudios sobre la Grillo Flcostica: Libro I

1) Second approximation of the History of the Writing of the World
2) Labyrinth of the Crystal of the Cathedral of St Monica of the Venison
3) Moon bleeding Jackson Pollock in spiral
4) The Acoustic Grid in 12 planes
5) Fugue of the Black Christ
6) The River of Juan Laurentino Total Time

ENS are joined by:
Invited Artist:
Deborah Claire Procter (Voice)
Invited Musician:
Martin Proscia (Saxophone)
Special guests:
Ernesto Jodos (Piano)
Marcelo Moguilevsky (Clarinet

CD 2: Estudios sobre la Grillo Flcostica: Libro II
1) STUDY I: First aproximation of the
History of the Writing of the World
2) STUDY II: Crystal labyrinths dense kaleidoscopes
on diminishing perspectives
3) STUDY III: In the world listen to the voice of
the knife that hurts the moon
Rhythms emplacements colors in derivative shades:
the shadow in the perspective of Vitruvio the architect
4) STUDY IV: Cristal Sonia), ap 1
5) STUDY V: Cristal S6nico, ap 2
6) STUDY VI: Cristal Sonia), ap 3
7) STUDY VII: Moon bleeding Jackson Pollock
8) STUDY VIII: Moon bleeding Jackson Pollock in circles
9) STUDY IX: Reliefs constrasting impure perspectives memory navigating future fugues

FORMATO: 13 x 13cm I PAGES: 32 I LANGUAGE: English / Spanish I ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: 2 audio CDs

MUSIC, TEXTS, NOTES & DRAWINGS: Oscar Edelstein ©2014 Edelstein © Patina Publisher, Amsterdam




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