10.2 On Form/Yet to Come


Issue editors: Ric Allsopp with Emil Hrvatin & Goran Sergej Pristaš

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On Form focuses on discourses and practices in contemporary performance arts that impact on and relate to social, political, cultural forms and structures: in relation to the positioning of aesthetic forms, to local and geographical difference, to the re-mapping and re-configuring of ‘east’ and ‘west’ europe, to the similarities and differences in assumptions about form and relational structures within an apparently shared ‘european’ or ‘international’ framework. On Form is a joint editorial project with the Slovenian performing arts journal ‘Maska’ (Ljubljana), and the Croatian performing arts magazine ‘Frakcija’ (Zagreb) whose editors will contribute substantial sections on the theme that exemplify current thinking and practice in the arts as well as profiling these two important European publications.


Abelard, Peter’ to ‘Antara’: the beginning of Louis Zukofsky’s index to Bottom: On Shakespeare
pp. 1 – 1
What Needs to be Conceptualized is a Political Subject
Marina Gržinić, Emil Hrvatin, Lev Kreft
pp. 5 – 19
Living in Trans: Transition, transformation, translation
Goran Sergej Pristaš
pp. 20 – 24
Lumpen Design, Penis Fashion and Body-Part Amplifiers: Artistic responses to the new image-environments in former socialist countries since 1989
Anna Schober
pp. 25 – 37
Yet to Come: Discontents of the common history
Bojana Kunst
pp. 38 – 46
Direct Action and Radical Performance
Aldo Milohnić
pp. 47 – 58
Heiner Müller and Martin Wuttke: Staging new images in a time of change
Denise Varney
pp. 59 – 69
A Few Notes on Branko Gavella and His Theory of Acting
Marin Blažević
pp. 70 – 73
The Newly-formed Personality of the Actor
Branko Gavella
pp. 74 – 78
The Empty Space is a Wall: The role of theatrical translation in the public re-inscription of the other
Paul Carter
pp. 79 – 91
P.E.A.C.E. (Peacekeeper’s Entertainment, Art and Cultural Exchange) [artist’s pages]
Emil Hrvatin
pp. 92 – 98
Médée Matériau: The assassination of the spectator
Nataliya Golofastova
pp. 99 – 110
Plantation and Thicket: A double (sight) reading of Sir Thomas Browne’s Garden of Cyrus
Mark Leahy
pp. 111 – 122
An Introduction to D.B. Indoš
Una Bauer
pp. 123 – 129
Dvije Sestre (Two Sisters): Extracts from a diary, April 2003 – January 2005 [artist’s pages]
Damir Bartol Indoš
pp. 130 – 134
Aspects of Form and its Significance in Contemporary Music
Catherine Laws
pp. 135 – 146
Love Without Mercy
Ana Vujanović, Igor Štromajer
pp. 147 – 152
Book Review
Claire MacDonald
pp. 153 – 155
How the Contents of ‘On Form’ are Arranged
pp. 155 – 155
Notes on Contributors
pp. 156 – 157
Ric Allsopp
pp. 158 – 158

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