About CPR


The Centre for Performance Research Ltd is a charity – charity number 701544 – and a company limited by guarantee (registered in England and Wales) – company number 02315790.

The organization’s registered address and administrative base is in Aberystwyth, Wales:

6 Science Park
SY23 3AH

The organization’s project office, publishing wing and Resource Centre are in Falmouth, England:

The Performance Centre,
Falmouth University,
Penryn Campus,
Cornwall, TR10 9LX

CPR can be contacted by email: info@thecpr.org.uk and by telephone: +44 (0)1970 358021

From 1995-2013 CPR worked via a joint partnership with Aberystwyth University: CPR@Aberystwyth. Now an independent organization once more, CPR retains an administrative base in Aberystwyth although its Resource Centre, core projects and publishing wing are based in Falmouth, with assistance from editors in Brighton and Manchester.


CPR – Projects, Bookshop, Black Mountain Press
Artistic Director: Richard Gough – r.gough@thecpr.org.uk
Admin Director: Helen Gethin – h.gethin@thecpr.org.uk
Producer: Siu-lin Rawlinson – s.rawlinson@thecpr.org.uk

Performance Research Journal
General Editor: Richard Gough – r.gough@thecpr.org.uk
Managing Editor: Sandra Laureri – s.laureri@performance-research.org
Managing Editor: Helen Gethin – h.gethin@performance-research.org
Managing Editor: Siu-lin Rawlinson – info@performance-research.org

Performance Research Books
General Editor: Richard Gough – r.gough@thecpr.org.uk
Managing Editor: Siu-lin Rawlinson – s.rawlinson@thecpr.org.uk


Voice International and Giving Voice
Voice Director: Joan Mills – info@thecpr.org.uk


CPR Ltd’s board of Trustees can be contacted via the Company Secretary, Helen Gethin: h.gethin@thecpr.org.uk

The Chair of Trustees is Roger Tomlinson and the Trustees are:

Michael Freeman
Carol Jones
Keith Lewis
Oliver Morris
Roger Owen
Moira Vincentelli
Noel Witts