Scene Painting Projects for Theatre


By Stephen G. Sherwin

Paperback. 280 pages

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The art, practice, and technique of scene painting is an essential part of theatre design. A scenic artist is responsible for translating the vision of the scenic designer to the realized scenery.

Unlike all other scene painting books, this text will take you step-by-step through actual individual scene painting projects. Each project is commonly used in theatrical productions and each project builds upon the skills learned in the previous lesson. From wood and marble, to foliage and drapery, this book will teach the you how to become a skilled scenic painter.

Table of Contents:

Project thumbnails
Color Samples
Project 1 Flat construction and Preparation
Project 2 Texture techniques
Project 3 Spattered and sponged wall
Project 4 Distressed wall with wainscot
Project 5 Textured wall with bevelled block
Project 6 Weathered wood
Project 7 Pastoral landscape-cartoon
Project 8 Bookshelf
Project 9 Books added to bookshelf
Project 10 Marble
Project 11 Lattice portal
Project 12 Foliage added to lattice
Project 13 Field stone and brownstone
Project 14 Brick
Project 15 Clapboard wall, door, and shutter
Project 16 Ornament
Project 17 Wallpaper
Project 18 Drapery
Final Exam/Project

Stephen G. Sherwin is the Director of Design and Technology at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. He has over 150 productions under his belt as a scenic designer and and over 150 as an actor, a lighting designer, technical director, or musical director. He is a seasonal instructor at the renown Cobalt Studios and has also been a topic speaker at USITT for several years.

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