Handbook of Model-making for Set Designers

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Colin Wimslow

The Crowood Press 2008

Paperback, 2008. 200 colour photographs & drawings

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The Handbook of Model-making for Set Designers describes the entire process of making scale models for stage sets, from the most basic cutting and assembling methods to more advanced skills, including painting, texturing and finishing techniques, and useful hints on presenting the completed model. Many drawings and colour photographs of the writer’s own work illustrate the text. Some state-of-the-art computerized techniques are described here for the first time in a book of this kind, including many ways in which digital techniques can be used in combination with the more traditional methods to enhance the model-maker’s work. This book will be of use not only to theatre designers, but to anyone with an interest in scale models of any kind.

Topics covered: Tools and materials Painting and texturing Architectural models People, trees and organic elements Moving parts Furniture and dressings


Colin Winslow is a stage designer, lecturer and teacher with many years of international professional experience. His work has been wide ranging from Shakespeare in Flemish to Ibsen in the Prairies; from ballet in London UK to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Washington DC.

He has been Head of Design for several theatres including The Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh; the Redgrave Theatre in Farnham, England; The Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg, and ‘Ensemble’ in Amsterdam, Holland. He has taught stage design in many colleges and universities in the UK, and currently teaches at the University of Alberta in Canada.

He is a Life Honorary Member of the Society of British Theatre Designers.

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