Encyclopedia of Stage Lighting


Jody Briggs

Paperback. 340 pages. 237 photographs.

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If one does not know who a snuff-boy was or how his job related to stage lighting, or needs to understand the difference between motivated light and motivating light, the answers can be found in the more than 1500 detailed entries of this encyclopedia, which is ideal for students, teachers, lighting technicians, lighting designers and all others who have an interest in stage lighting.

Some of the numerous topics covered are equipment, methods, concepts, design process, electricity, characteristics of light, and lightboard operations. Where applicable, entries present both the historical and current day significance of the apparatus or concept being introduced. In addition, the many areas of stage lighting that elicit debate are viewed from all angles and the various options presented. This approach will allow the reader to make a personal evaluation of the most appropriate method.

Entries are extensively cross-referenced. Computer-generated line drawings and samples of lighting paperwork are included with the entries to which they relate.


Jody Briggs is a freelance lighting designer living in Seattle, Washington. He has been the lighting designer for the Taproot Theatre Company for 11 years. He has also written several lighting-related computer programs.

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