Designer Drafting and Visualizing for the Entertainment World


2nd Edition

By Patricia Woodbridge, Hal Tine

Paperback. 402 pages

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In the second edition of Designer Drafting and Visualization for the Entertainment World, Patricia Woodbridge, a highly experienced art director of feature films and a long time teacher of scenic drafting and set design at the graduate level teams up with nationally-renowned scenic designer and SCAD professor Hal Tine to give you a dynamic glimpse into the world of designing for mainstream entertainment including theatre, film, tv, and corporate events. Drawing on designs from real Hollywood and Broadway blockbusters, this book provides you with the basic tools and principles of scenic drafting and rendering, beginning with pencil drafting and culminating with the latest information on CAD drafting, digital 3D modelling, digital and hand/digital rendering, and digital graphics for sets.

Full of examples from all areas of entertainment, this book not only builds on basic principles of designer drafting to give you the most comprehensive knowledge on the subject, but also illuminates scenic career paths with insights from professional set design artists who discuss their education and varied career progressions.

New to this edition:

• Updated chapters on the basics of scenic pencil drafting, including examples of sketch drafting or “thinking with a pencil”

• Drafting from Hollywood and TV hits like True Grit, I Am Legend, Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Never Let Me Go, Gossip Girl and more

• New chapters include Period Shapes and Scenic Details, Computer Drafting and Illustration, Scenery Graphics, and Virtual Scenery



“I have been looking for a book that not only focuses on the technical aspects of theater drafting, but also on why we choose to draft the way we do and how it relates to sketchings and renderings. This book covers that ground exceptionally well.”
-Michael O’Nele, Univ. of Memphis

“Very good comprehensive view of drafting applied to all areas of the entertainment industry.”
-Eric Olson, Samford University

“Tells not only what to do, but why. The most complete book on entertainment drafting yet.”
-Charles E. Williams, University of Toledo

“most thorough and best drafting book on the market…the examples in particular are informative.”

“an excellent reference book to be used during a course…”


Table of Contents

Part 1: Principles and Conventions of Scenic Drafting

1 Pencil Drafting Tools

2 Pencils, Paper, and Reproduction

3 Drafted Lines

4 Geometric Construction

5 Scale

6 Hand Lettering

7 Orthographic Projection

8 The Section

9 Dimensioning

10 Labeling, Coding, and Multi-sheet Sets

11 Surveying and Sight Lines

12 Axonometric Views

13 Principles of Perspective Drawing

14 Forced Perspective

15 Period Shapes and Scenic Details

16 Computer Drafting and Illustration

Part 2: Professional Applications

17 Sketch Design

18 Theatre Design

19 Television Scenery

20 Feature Film

21 Scenery Graphics

22 Corporate Design

23 Virtual Scenery

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