Performance Research: 23.4 On Reflection – Turning 100

Issue editor: Richard Gough

This issue of Performance Research is the centenary anniversary edition of the journal. With the increase of volume output from three issues a year (1996) to four (2002) and then six (2012) and now eight (2017), the 100th issue has rapidly hurtled towards us. To mark this achievement, we have published a special expanded edition (a double issue, plus—XXL); we have solicited new articles and artist pages in response to all the previous ninety-nine themes explored by the journal since its inception—from the first issue/theme Temper of the Times (1:1 1996) to the ninety-ninth, On Climates (23:3 2018). The 100th submission, an essay in two parts, is authored by Ric Allsopp and Richard Gough. In terms of the structure of the issue, chronological order is reversed so that we begin with On Climates and run towards Temper of the Times

We approached all of our Editorial Board, former Guest Editors, journal editors of sister publications and artists/scholars who have contributed frequently to Performance Research throughout the last twenty-two years, inviting them to select one theme of the ninety-nine, and write (compose or construct) a new work in response to that theme (not necessarily the contents of the ‘original’ issue). The only condition was that they could not select a theme that they had edited or previously written on. The result is an extraordinary collection of scholarly articles, provocations, artist pages, works for the page, poems and textual montages composed by Performance Research colleagues from around the world—a celebration, in more than 500 pages, of Performance and Research.

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