99 Georgian Songs: Revised and Expanded Edition

By 2014, after being bought by singers all around the world, the first edition of 99 Georgian songs had sold out. Seeing a continued enthusiasm and demand for the collection, CPR began the project of revising and updating the book for reprint.  CPR donated staff time to the administration and management of the reprint and Georgian ethnomusicologist Joseph Jordania and Joan Mills gave their time to prepare the necessary revisions and additional songs. Amongst the many people that this project is indebted to are the meticulous team of volunteer proof readers and singers Derek Wilcox, Bernard Burns, Geoff Burton, Zaka Aman and Lucy Gibson. Thanks to our many generous Crowdfunders we raised the money to cover design amendments and the cost of printing. It truly has been a communal effort and we are so grateful to everyone involved. The book was celebrated with a launch on the 17th of April 2015 at our Giving Voice Festival in Falmouth, at the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts, Falmouth University.

The second edition retains the extensive introduction and the much loved original 99 songs (arranged in order of ease, each with an English translation of the text and contextual notes), a map of the regions from which the songs come, as well as photographs and links to Georgian choirs in the west.  However together with Joseph we have collected small revisions to some of the songs from singers who have enjoyed the songs through the years and have added 12 new songs to enrich the content of this new edition.

A percentage of income from future sales of this book will continue to be donated to the family of the late Edisher Garakanidze in Georgia.

Buy a copy of the book in the CPR bookshop for £35.00 (RRP £39.50).